teeth marks.

Alex, 20, Scorpio,

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literally my favorite scene in the movie

Oct 01 2014



there’s a framed picture of britney spears at my grandpa’s house


Oct 01 2014


Boy, this new season of Orange is the New Black is great. 

Oct 01 2014


Don’t ever sleep on Zendaya

Oct 01 2014

Bill: Why didn’t you tell me?
The Bride: I don’t know… because I’m a bad person.
Bill: No. You’re not a bad person. You’re a terrific person. You’re my favorite person, but every once in a while, you can be a real cunt.

Kill Bill Vol.2 (2004)

Oct 01 2014


Guys my cousin Brooklyn is missing. He was last seen from the LL Bean store at Old Orchard mall in Skokie Ill. At 1:45 pm. If you’re in the area and know anything or see him please please call the police right away. Message me with any information you know. Please signal boost this so bloggers in the area can keep an eye out for him. Thank you

Sep 30 2014


please watch this cinematic masterpiece

Sep 29 2014